Mountains and river in Lom
About Maaemo

We are the RetroBit.Games Team and we are:

Trae Horton

Bryant Horton

Justin Strandberg

Build a centralized community/repository to bring a new twist to retro games. RetroBit.Games is at the forefront of ROM Hacks, Hardware Mods, Homebrews, Emulation, and News for retro games!

Trae Horton is the creator and developer of RetroBit.Games, and the founder of parent company Sorsnce Enterprise Security. While Trae is not working on RetroBit or Sorsnce Enterprise Security, he is working at his day job as an cyber security analyst. Trae wanted to make an centralized community dedicated to the retro game scene, while Trae was trying to get into the retro game community he discovered the headache and lack of documentation while researching new information regarding to the retro game community. Hence why he created RetroBit.Games.

Mountains and water running from the top
Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle! Nintendo — 1985
Mountains and light
  • Image of river in Lom
  • Mountains and clouds in Lom
  • Mountains and road in the evening

Make Games Great Again
— RetroBit.Games

More info will be posted at a later time.