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Super Donkey Kong 64

Super Donkey Kong 64 is a rom-hack made by Kaze, which was released in April 2016. The hack is a re-creation of Donkey Kong 64 using the Super Mario 64 engine. It features eight levels from DK64, and several new power-ups. There is only one overworld, DK Isle, which is an island in the shape of a giant DK head.
There are no star descriptions in this hack, and it employs a non-stop system, which means Mario does not get kicked out of a level after getting a star.

Mario and Pauline are going on a visit to see Donkey Kong, but when they get to his house MIPS tells them that all the Kongs were abducted by a giant turtle monster (Bowser), and it’s up to Mario to rescue them. To find Bowser, Mario must collect all 50 stars, the first 49 are used to unlock Hideout Helm, which is home to the 50th. After collecting every star, the door on K. Lumsy Island opens directly to the final boss fight.

The ending credits are simply a picture of DK, Mario, Pauline and Toad.

Like in DK64, there are power-ups for sale at Cranky's Lab, which is located in each level and serves as an alternate level hub.

Every time Mario gains a star, he will also gain one starpower, which can be used to unlock special abilities. Starpower is tracked separately from stars, so buying abilities does not change the star count.

Information about the Original Game.

Release: September 29, 1996

Console: Nintendo 64

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Title: Super Mario 64

Source: Wikipedia

Information about the Mod.

Developer: Kaze

Release Date: April 2016


Status: Complete

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