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Legends of Zelda: 3rd Quest

A group of fans have been hard at work the last two years to create “3rd Quest”, a new adventure that takes places in the world of Ocarina of Time. They are redesigning everything from the ground up – recreating Hyrule in their own vision and giving full dungeon experiences of their own making. Naturally a lot of inspiration comes from Ocarina of Time and even the defunct Ura Zelda Project, but from what we see in the provided trailer it certainly looks like something that could be fun if it ever sees completion. For now, here is a bit of information they themselves provided us:

“Third Quest is an effort to overhaul The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into a new world. We are rebuilding Hyrule as we see fit—and while this game is built within Ocarina of Time, it is disconnected through concept and story, venturing into convergent territory the series has not yet seen. We have been working on this for two years and have recently begun a creative process that has yielded the trailer."

"Third Quest began when CDi-Fails contacted Spire with sketch-up work based on his Dark World concept art from the then-recently defunct Ura Project in June 2013. Spire was working with SanguinettiMods on a mod called Project Underworld and decided through the early days of collaboration with CDi-Fails to merge the efforts into one: Third Quest. And thus, CDi-Fails, SanguinettiMods, and Spire formed the Third Quest Team."

"CDi-Fails assembles the game and builds environments. Ideka creates unique and custom features through ASM coding. MelonSpeedruns has a diverse knowledgebank and assists in many capacities. SanguinettiMods compiles the game using his great wealth of technical know how. Spire is the lead artist and builds most of the visual game content."

"Third Quest takes place in an original version of Hyrule that respects the history of the franchise. We have a large overworld to develop and possess a bounty of pieces from the last two years with which we hope to assemble a unique take on our beloved land.”

Information about the Original Game.

Release: November 21, 1998

Console: Nintendo 64

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Title: The Legends of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Source: Wikipedia

Information about the Mod.

Developer: Third Quest Team

Year: 2015


Status: In Progress

How to enjoy the Mod.

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