What is RetroBit.Games?

RetroBit.Games is the world’s first plex-like retro game streaming service! Because RetroBit.Games uses retro streaming technology, it has virtually no lag and availuble on a wide range of devices.

What platforms is RetroBit.Games available on?

RetroBit.Games is currently available on Android, Windows, and Emulator front-ends like LaunchBox. We will be releasing an Xbox One version as well as iOS and Linux in the coming months.

What games do you have on RetroBit.Games?

We are currently supporting close to 100 games within RetroBit. All Games supported by RetroBit are top selling games for the following consoles: N64, SNES, NES, GBA, and GBC. Don't worry about us selecting games you never heard before, all RetroBit games come from 100% legal cartridges. You can get early access to the RetroBit.Games client @ our Patreon here!

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How does RetroBit.Games work?

All our games are streamed to the end device. The results of our high-tech streaming software allows the user a simple click and play experience with less than 1 ms input lag.

How do you play games on RetroBit.Games?

All games on RetroBit.Games have been custom configured by our retro experts to be playable with keyboard, gamepad and touch screen interfaces. We recommend using the 8BitDo SN30 Pro controller for the best experience.

Where do I start?

We have created a quick video showing how easy it is to get started with RetroBit.Games streaming platform. Check out the video here!

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